Executive Coaching

Addison Resources Group coaches executives, managers and teams to use collaborative influence to deliver business results and break through to new levels of leadership.

One-on-One Coaching Process

We begin each coaching assignment by meeting with your manager and HR support to get alignment on objectives. Then we meet with you to learn what you want to get out of the coaching process.

Based on 360-degree interviews of business partners, peers and direct reports we outline a plan to address areas for development. For the next five months or so, your coach meets with you every other week. The best coaching work gets done face-to-face, but we do supplement in-person meetings with phone conversations.

Each coaching assignment concludes with a second interview of participants in the original 360-degree interview, to assess progress in meeting the goals of the development plan. Throughout the assignment we provide progress feedback on a regular basis to you, your manager, and your HR support.

Specialty Coaching

High Potential Coaching – Facilitated Peer Advisory Boards

In addition to direct, one-on-one coaching, we facilitate and coach high-potential peer groups in a format resembling an internal advisory board.  Peer advisory board members meet on a regular basis to focus on live business issues and develop internal collaboration and negotiation skills.  We reinforce and supplement group sessions with one-on-one member coaching. Peer advisory board benefits include:

  • Increased political savvy
  • Improved collaboration
  • Increased ability to ask the right questions and develop potential solutions
  • Better situational reads, more flexibility in finding solutions
  • Increased ability to read complex organizational dynamics/situations and overcome obstacles
  • Increased leadership capability with direct reports, peers and senior managers
  • Mutual gain outcomes
  • Increased level of consultative/executive presence when dealing with issues of conflict

New Position Transition Coaching

  • When you are promoted or assigned to a new role in your organization, you are challenged to produce results, quickly.  We help ensure your successful transition with coaching over the first three months. Transition coaching includes interviewing new key stakeholders, managers and direct reports regarding their expectations. Our development plan addresses those expectations and incorporates ‘new role best practices’.

Negotiation Coaching

Successful external and internal collaboration is fundamental to success. We enable influential collaboration by coaching clients to focus on mutual gain and establish strategic and tactical thinking before entering into negotiations.

Strategic Thinking Facilitation

To realize your maximum potential for success, you must have a clear vision of the future of your business. Our approach is simple and direct. Using a facilitated process, we help you examine your present strategy and develop a new strategic direction for your organization.

Team Coaching

Successful teams can benefit from having a coach to provide a neutral outside perspective.  We coach teams in real time to help them meet any on-going challenges that may prevent them from achieving their objectives.  This includes managing conflict, improving decision making and clarifying responsibilities for meeting objectives.